Our Process

The simple and effective way we help our clients reach their end goal.

Our Work Process

Aware that any production project may have hurdles, rest assure that our team has made the process wonderfully simple and straight forward.


Upon contacting our office, an introductory meeting will be arranged at either your respected organizations premises or our offices.

A step-by-step overview will be discussed highlighting our portfolio of services and how we can help meet and deliver any intended production requirement be it standard or customized.

With over 40 years of experience and market presence, there is no production requirement that is unachievable.

Site Survey

2.Site Survey

Upon analysis and review of your requirements, skilled team members will visit the project site to conduct a site survey which will comprises of:

  1. Inspecting the Intended Area and Placement
  2. Record Accurate Measurements
  3. Draw Up Preliminary Plans
  4. Assess Fabrication Requirements

Based on the initial assessment, secondary discussions will be had addressing:

  • Types of Materials
  • Access Equipment
  • Fixation Methods
  • Additional Requirements if Needed


According to all recorded inputs, an introductory meeting with our designers will take place who will lead on any adaptation design or technical drafts required.

Upon completion, submission of mock-ups, samples and/or proofs will be showcased followed by a discussion about the various fabrication options applicable to your request.



Once designs and quantities are approved, a project timeline illustrating installation and delivery will be presented.

Commencement of manufacturing will then place with a day-to-day collaboration among the design and production teams within the workshop ensuring original concepts are delivered to plan.


Our dedicated installation team will install the physical signages and coordinate with your arranged point of contact to discuss any access requirements ensuring timely and proper installations.

Saudi Signs Production strictly adheres to its health and safety regulations and will carry out its installation under such guidelines.



As with any physical hardware, agreed to periodical inspections and repairs will be led with our facilities teams to maintain integrity of delivered product.