When your business needs signage: LED signs, custom electric, neon and outdoor signs all over the KSA, no company does it as well as Saudi Sign. Studies show time and time again that a well conceived and executed sign program is the best dollar for dollar advertising investment your business can make; and over time one of the least expensive. Saudi Sign’s tailored approach in handling your project will make certain that your investment in this most effective medium is maximized.

Ours is a custom shop. Everything we do for you is a one of a kind. We start you off with an initial onsite consultation with our sales professional. We help you develop a visual outdoor marketing strategy, matched to your business, one that reflects your style and your vision. Our design department brings those concepts to life. We make sure the engineering is sound, the proper materials, lighting, codes, and architectural bases are covered, the sign permit secured, and then it’s onto customized construction and installation of your sign.

Saudi Sign Corporation handles it all with sublime vision, great attention to detail, and an expertise born of nearly one hundred years experience.


Your signs and lighting are long term investments. Always visible; always representing your business. We embrace the quality of detail; the detail of quality. Our state of the art 30000sq foot main manufacturing plant allows us to create signs of virtually any style, size, or shape. Our team combines best in class design, engineering, and craftsmanship, along with computerized technology and equipment to provide simply the best. Our daily rewards? Seeing the sparkly new paint finishes, the perfectly hand-blown neon glass, artfully sculpted metal work; all a source of pride of craftsmanship and a constant reminder that someone’s business is getting a boost today. Made with pride. Made in KSA. Saudi Sign: where quality is not an option, it is a requirement.


Designing your sign is an art and a science.  Your sign has to be functional of course yet also easy on the eyes. Your image should shine both day and night. That’s not always an easy proposition. Graphics many times may need to be adapted for outdoor display. Yours may or may not be sign ready. Our award-winning artists are as well experienced design professionals. They know just how to integrate and boost your graphics, synthesize proper color combinations, sizing and materials, all with an artist creative touch. Add to these considerations: lighting, engineering, and economizing all factored into one final goal – to garner maximum attention right where you want it, your place of business. With national start to finish approach, your sign can be added to an elite group of so many others produced here, those judged, best in class.


Your time is precious. In today’s climate of pervasive bureaucratic oversight, obtaining required sign permits can be quite time consuming and complex. Not to worry, we navigate the bureaucracy for you. Our considerable experience helps us secure permits often time that others can’t. With an in-depth understanding of constantly evolving codes and policies, Saudi sign is able to develop permit application packages that conform to those requirements, allowing us to have a high rate of success, even for the most difficult permits. We handle all the necessary technical drawings, the paperwork, and if required the engineering to secure your permits. Talk to the permit specialists. Saudi sign.