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About Saudi Sign Media

Captivating Audiences on Out-of-Home Media across Saudi Arabia

Saudi Signs Media is proudly one of the largest and fastest growing out-of-home media providers within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Serving hundreds of brands each year, our outdoor and indoor solutions have proven to be essential communication channels in today’s excessively cluttered media environment helping the public, private and non-profit sectors stand out, captivate and attain audience attention.

Pioneering the transformational shift that has unfolded within the local OOH scene, our rich and premium selection of digital and static formats are designed for all campaign types, budgets and durations.Heavily invested and identifying key placement for maximum exposure whilst adapting to the rapidly developing urban landscape, advertisers are offered presence on state-of-the-art dominating formats and geographically dispersed digital networks accompanied with unmatched communication flexibility best suited to achieve desired outcomes.

A customer centric organization, the team at Saudi Signs Media supports its partners by conducting frequent training sessions and goes beyond any requirement put forward by clients to support their needs in such a dynamic business environment in which we operate.

Priding ourselves as being an extension of your marketing team, feel free to reach out by email at info@saudisignsm.com or message us on our contact page.

Panels 1100+
Digitization 90%+
Faces 1280+
Offices 4
Our Journey Throughout the Years

Our Journey Throughout the Years

It’s a privilege for both the company and its staff to have played such an important role in the establishment and modernization of the Saudi Arabian out-of-home industry.

Our history is rich with over 3 decades of triumphs and trials. Witnessing its growth, transitions and transformation Saudi Signs Media has been an integral player in making the local out-of-home market a beacon of exceptional standards and a regional reference.

Helping brands tell their story in the most efficient and impactful manner, we invite you to discover our past and defining moments.

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Partnering With Saudi Signs Media

Success built solely on a transactional relation is not the path we walk or encourage. It’s the journey of long-term partnerships that we aspire too and have purposed our values. Establishing, nurturing and continuously collaborating to provide the best in market service is at the core of what we do.

Product Solutions

Providing the market with a wide variety of out-of-home products, our selection of formats caters for all advertisers regardless of sector, budget, objective and time period. State-of-art structures and strategically distributed digital networks guarantee a memorable impact on communication delivering broad reach among city residents.

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Our People

The Saudi Signs family is proud to have a multi-cultural pool of talent with various skills providing invaluable input both internally and for our partners. Constantly encouraging and supporting one another’s efforts, we pride ourselves on the harmonious culture cultivated helping improve standards and constantly challenging the status quo.

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Driving Change

A leadership mandate applicable to each of our departments and the business at large. Setting new industry standards and progressing the sector forward to accommodate current & future market needs is at the forefront of our investments financial or otherwise.

Commitment to Service

Considering how dynamic and competitive the business landscape has become for advertisers, our team members have continually proven themselves to be incredibly committed supporting any and all requirements ensuring client communication investments are executed in a manner beyond expectations.

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The pace of change has opened the market to stiff competition and sudden changes affecting agreed upon communication roadmaps. For this reason, we openly afford our partners flexibility in regards to placement, artwork rotation, planning and requirements needed to make their out-of-home communication a success fitting of unforeseen circumstances.


Is a non-negotiable performance quality that is given our undivided attention. The company’s service, product and deliverables are the outcomes of our team’s collective effort and is a priority helping ensure standards are met and heightened.

Meet The Team

The Saudi Signs Media team is comprised of multi-talented professionals from various backgrounds whom not only have become the company’s fabric of success, but are the essential driving force in preparing for the organization’s future endeavors. Together, they strive to encourage one another to push market standards forward for the collective success of all stakeholders within the industry.

A home away from home, we could not be prouder of the company culture that prioritizes integrity, honesty, fairness and self-growth which have played a fundamental role in allowing Saudi Signs Media achieve its current standing of becoming a market leader.

Taking chances, driving industry change and providing our partners with the best possible solutions is our number one priority. In line with the objectives of vision 2030, we are actively doing our part as a major player to provide the market with state-of-the-art infrastructure and future proof our offering to accommodate the increasing demand behind out-of-home communication by all sectors and businesses.

Waleed Hussein

Waleed Hussein
Waleed Hussein CEO
Hasan Zaini
Hasan Zaini Deputy CEO
Fahad AlSawaji
Fahad AlSawaji Executive Vice President
Georges Yazbeck
Georges Yazbeck CCO
Eddy Bouez
Eddy Bouez GM of Sales
Mohamed Ali
Mohamed Ali COO

Achieving true synergy is one of the most difficult cooperative obstacles of any organization. Fortunately, our department leads and their respected teams are consciousness of one another’s work,  priorities and capabilities which has effectively created a harmonious workflow allowing them to collectively deliver incredible service and support for the market.

Hasan Zaini

Deputy CEO
Firas Abou Deeb
Firas Abou Deeb Sales Director, Saudi Arabia
Hala Seif
Hala Seif Sales Director, United Arab Emirates
Amro Sulaimani
Amro Sulaimani Senior Director of HR and Shared Services
Mohammad  Sayegh
Mohammad Sayegh Commercial Director
Sharif Omar
Sharif Omar Director of Operations and Maintenance
Basel Marach
Basel Marach Finance Manager
Wassim Zimmo
Wassim Zimmo Media Planning & Analysis Manager
George Chouity
George Chouity Marketing Director
Abdul Mannan Gulam
Abdul Mannan Gulam IT Manager

Maintenance and Operations

Beautifying surrounding urban landscapes with functional and seamless structures is a responsibility we hold in the highest regard.

Ensuring installation of aesthetically fitting hardware, reliable functionality and conducting regular checks, our maintenance and operations team are the silent hero’s guaranteeing successful client communication roll out.

Discover a snapshot of our teams work and expertise ensuring the highest standards and successful installation of the largest digital and static formats.

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Maintenance and Operations
Join the Team!

Join the Team!

We’re constantly seeking recruitment of energetic and determined individuals that are like minded with a passion to achieve success. No matter your experience, if you have an interest in out-of-home media and wish to be a part of a leading organization, we look forward to meeting you.

Submit your resume with an introductory message highlighting a brief bio and area of expertise. Upon receipt, HR will revert back to you as soon as they can.

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Social Support

Aware of the challenge many charities and other non-profit organizations face while trying to raise support for their causes, Saudi Signs Media takes lead and lends its media offering allowing organizations focus on what matters; their programs, events and causes.

By utilizing our out-of-home network across the kingdom, we are able to help strengthen the mass awareness required for these respected organizations to gain greater traction. This has contributed to a significant amount of value and success towards outreach programs helping bring positive change among our local communities and individuals concerned.

Social Support

Join us

We’re constantly seeking recruitment of energetic and determined individuals that are like minded with a passion to achieve success. No matter your experience, if you have an interest in out-of-home media and wish to be a part of a leading organization, we look forward to meeting you.

Submit your resume with an introductory message highlighting a brief bio and area of expertise. Upon receipt, HR will revert back to you as soon as they can.